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Here is some information to assist you in making the decision of what type of warning light will suit your needs.

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Why Strobes?
Strobes are excellent  for applications where elevated ambient light levels make other warning light products difficult to discern from their surroundings. Strobes emit a bright, instantaneous burst of light that is extremely eye-catching. A strobe flash effectively pierces extreme environmental conditions including fog, rain, snow and smog. Strobes also offer an intensified light with less power consumption than rotator lights making them a suitable option for roadside utility vehicles that may encounter the aforementioned variables in the field.Strobes are specifically designed for high usage and exhibit far less downtime than rotators as they do not have any moving mechanical parts but rather electronic circuitry that generates high voltages to energize a xenon gas filled strobe tube. This lack of moving parts makes strobes particularly suitable for high vibration applications.

Why Halogen Rotators?
Halogen rotators are great for many outdoor applications where a directed beam of constant light is necessary. The halogen bulbs (sealed beam and bulbs with parabolic reflectors) emit a full spectrum bright light to great distances, allowing the light to bounce off surrounding structures such as buildings etc. This reflective or bounced light enhances the visibility and range of these lights and alerts of an impending situation be it a construction site or snow plow long before a viewer is in range of the actual product. The light is constantly on and rotating, providing a 360 degree ambient stream of light to its surroundings. Halogen rotators do have moving mechanical components that can limit the life of the product. It is best to utilize a halogen rotator in instances where usage is limited if downtime is of concern. Generally rotating lights have a lower initial cost compared to strobes or LED's and replacement bulbs are low cost and can be found at any automotive supplier, however, due to mechanical elements, maintenance is greater for the halogen rotators which may or may not factor into your purchase decision.

Why LED?
LED lights are especially suited for applications where power consumption is of concern. Aside from the versatility LED lights afford the user (excellent eye-catching point source of light, custom patterns, warning words, etc) LED's are extremely energy efficient. Roadside vehicles can particularly benefit from the low amperage draw an LED product consumes. It is possible for utility vehicles to remain turned off while running LED's for a prolonged period of time, something that would be difficult to do with a traditional sealed beam rotator. LED's are versatile and SWS offers many alternatives to traditional warning lights through their LED products from rotation simulation to strobing effects. LED's have no moving parts thus eliminating mechanical wear & tear. As well, LED's have a lab life of 11 years meaning part replacement is virtually null. Rotators, incandescent and strobes, to a lesser degree, will require bulb replacement periodically.


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